MASM’s educational goals are extremely important to attain as they will provide the foundation from which to build our success.

MASM’s Education Program is the interface between the Museum’s content and local students and visitors. The Program being developed will provide information and expertise to educators and students on all aspects of aerospace and aviation careers through onsite, interactive exercises, special museum events, and remote learning opportunities.

Our educators will work directly with MA primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Through partnerships and its networks, the Museum will serve as a delivery system for joint educational programs. Education programs are being planned to encourage the inclusion of the “best practices” STEM aerospace

MASM’s educational program aligns its short and long-term goals with those of MA technology and business roundtables as a tool to attract youth into critical aerospace careers in Massachusetts and the New England region.

Educational Vision

  • Inspiring youth to pursue the sciences
  • Commitment to exhibiting a blend of historical and cutting-edge aircraft and artifacts
  • Maintain a balance between atmospheric and spaceflight technologies