MASM’s Exhibitions

MASM Exhibitions will work in concert with our Educational Programming and the proximity to an active airfield to:

  • Foster the interests of the visitor in the broad spectrum of aviation, Massachusetts’s history, and space exploration
  • Make diverse use of interactive communication and display devices
  • Make aviation and space come alive to the visitor

Sensory-Based Presentation

MASM won’t be a “look but don’t touch” style museum, nor will it be a series of glorified software displays.

MASM will be “hands-on” to the greatest extent possible. The exhibits will utilize not only airplanes, spacecraft, artifacts and computers but also mechanical and physically interactive exhibits to bring the content alive through a full range of sensory interaction.

Wherever possible objects on display will be accessible to the visitor, rather than roped off. Working versions that demonstrate the development of technology will be used to immerse the visitor in the evolution of flight, from the first attempt to create effective control surfaces to the ergonomics of a space shuttle pilot’s control yoke.