Round Hill and Round Hill Airport :
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Miami Maid Seaplane
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Round Hill Airport included a seaplane base featuring the flying boat Miami Maid. Miami Maid was a hybrid which wed a Curtiss type F hull and a Fokker wing. First flown as an open craft, a boxy-looking cabin was added for protection from the elements. It was equipped with a Wright J-5.

Colonel Ned purchased the Miami Maid from its Florida builders for $22,500 with the stipulation that the demonstration pilot, Eddie Nirmaier came along with the aircraft. Ned Green's wife, Mabel favored the Miami Maid and preferred to take off from the water rather than from land.

A seaplane ramp was constructed on the south shore adjacent to a dock which berthed the ship Charles W. Morgan. The ramp made it easier to launch the Miami Maid. A spacious metal and concrete hangar constructed nearby had doors, which slid on tracks and opened at opposite ends, one end being for land planes arriving from the field and the other to serve the seaplane ramp.
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