Round Hill and Round Hill Airport :
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Radio Station WMAF
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Colonel Green had an early fascination with radio technology, dating back to the 1890s, and in June 1922, the Round Hills Radio Corporation was incorporated under a Massachusetts charter, with Colonel Green the company president.

To support the radio operations, a building containing a broadcast studio plus laboratory rooms was constructed adjacent to the estate's main building.
Review the "Looking East" image to view the building and large antennas. (2nd image in this exhibit)

In September 1922, the Round Hills Radio Corporation received licenses for a broadcasting station, WMAF, in addition to one for experimental work, with the call sign 1XV. The broadcasting station, which was operated only during the summer months of 1923-1928, adopted the slogan "The Voice from Way Down East".

Colonel Green welcomed the masses to enjoy his seaside property and entertained them with radio broadcasts from "The Voice from Way Down East". From huge speakers on the water tower people listened to music, presidential speeches and baseball games.
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