Round Hill and Round Hill Airport :
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Goodyear Blimp Mayflower NC-10-A
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Colonel Ned built a large metal hangar to house the Goodyear Blimp Mayflower at Round Hill..

According to Popular Science October 1929 issue, it cost $30,000 and was used by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a laboratory for fog fighting experiments in 1927.

Mayflower (I) (NC-10A)
First flight: May 17, 1929
Volume: 86,000 cu. ft.
Length: 128 ft.
Diameter: 36 ft.
Engines: 2 Siemens-Halska (82 hp)
Based at New Bedford, Massachusetts and St. Petersburg, Florida
Deflated February, 1931 for installation of larger envelope
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