W. Starling Burgess : Massachusetts Aviation Pioneer
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Model B
The Burgess Company and Curtiss Model B was a single place pusher biplane equipped with central skids or wheels. There was only one built in June of 1910. It was designed by Starling Burgess with standard gate and foot yoke controls and had lateral balance with ailerons. Its first flight was piloted by William Hilliard at Plum Island in August 1910. It was flown by both Bill Hilliard and Starling Burgess at the Harvard Boston Aero Meet in September 1910.

The Model B had a Curtiss 25 hp, 4 cyl, water cooled engine with Buress 6'6" 2 bladed propeller and a Bosch Magneto. Its span was 28'9", length 33'4", chord 5'6", wing area 286 sq ft. Its empty weight was 450lbs with a gross weight of 594 lbs.

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Herring Burgess Model B w/ HiliardHerring Burgess Model B w/ Hiliard