W. Starling Burgess : Massachusetts Aviation Pioneer
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Model I
The Burgess Company and Curtis Model I was a pusher biplane flying boat designated and built for Robert Collier. It was also reported in the aviation press as Model M. It was ordered in the spring of 1913. There was one built and delivered in July 1913. Its first flight was on July 19, 1913 by Frank Coffyn. Coffyn was subsequently hired by Collier as his personal pilot.

It was somewhat smaller than the Model K Flying Boat. It had wing struts staggered as in the Model K and the fuselage was custom fitted for the large Anzani radial engine. The Model L had a price of $10,000. This two place tandem aircraft was powered by a 20 cyl, 220 hp radial engine weighing 968 lbs, with a Burgess four bladed 8'4' propeller. The engine was supplied by Collier and had a maximum speed of 75 mph. The upper span was 41'4", lower was 33'4", the wing area was 373 sq ft, length 28'/30'6" overall, chord 5'6", gap 6'8.5" and had a gross weight of 2,050 lbs.
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Burgess Collier Flying BoatBurgess Collier Flying Boat
Burgess Flying Boat 1913Burgess Flying Boat 1913
Burgess Flying Boat Coffyn PilotBurgess Flying Boat Coffyn Pilot
Burgess Flying Boat For CollierBurgess Flying Boat For Collier
Burgess Flying Boat Model I CollierBurgess Flying Boat Model I Collier
Burgess Model I CollierBurgess Model I Collier