Massachusetts Air National Guard : Paul Paulsen Photograph Scrapbook Collection
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John Winterbottom shot this gaggle of Mass. Air Guard Thunderchickens (F-84Fs)at Otis AFB, MA in the year 1970, he told us. John made print for Paulsen, thanks!!!! (gee, ya coulda given it a bit more exposure, John, huh???). Still, we're happy!!!

ABOVE: This MDANG "Jug" was perhaps the very last F-47D we saw flying with military. We had already given up our own "Thunderbolts", were by then using 1st generation Republic F-84Bs, which I called most smartassedly "THUNDERCHICKENS"!!! The 84B, C models were OK, but UNDERPOWERED, had poor spoolup times!!!

LEFT: This is perhaps our best air view of MASS ANG F-84B in service with Reserves. I was in a C-47 to make this photo, out over Gloucester Harbor (1950). (some overzealous jet jock (nameless, OK?) kept his trigger finger down too long, punched a few holes in somebody's roof down below, and also got himself one "gooney bird", which we didn't realize until later, when checking the target sleeve towning assembly!!!! The incident was kept low-key, but was in papers!!!!

BELOW: MASS ANG Republic F-84Bs at East Boston, June, 1950.

RIGHT: Our long-lived "gooney bird", old s/n 2101018 was in fine fettle during the 1950 airshow at Logan; here we parked it near the new civil airlines' terminal. Note that MANG B-26D at left. I had my sole flight in THIS former UASF A-26D, and it sure was a thrill all the way!!!

LEFT: Young PMP poses near a new USAF F-86A "Sabrejet" that they flew in for display, here at the Logan Airport; air show today was 50th anniversary of "aviation".

BELOW: Straight-winged PANTHERJET was Grumman ironworks' first F9F model, would later have sweptwing variant, much better performance! This one was first F9F-1 we saw!!! P2V-3 behand was a Lockheed NEPTUNE.
RIGHT: This crummy print is all we have to date of this nice aviation photo-I must locate the 35mm neg., and make a BIG print. The early Republic F-84B wasn't much of a performer, but it was after all, a JET PLANE!! I called 'em THUNDERCHICKENS"!! FS-600 was still in its USAF livery, now flown by US (MASS).
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1 F-84fF Thunderchickens 19701 F-84fF Thunderchickens 1970
2.   F-84B 19502. F-84B 1950
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