Crocker Snow : From the Biplane Era to the Jet Age!
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Early Years.
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As a student at Harvard, Crocker revived the Harvard Flying Club, formerly the Harvard Aeronautical Society, with his Harvard friends Freddy Ames and Augie Pabst. In 1926, with funding from Freddy Ames, the club bought a somewhat worn OX-5 Travel Air from the Boston Airport Corporation and club members undertook to overhaul the aircraft. One photograph states the "Harvard Flying Club plane had a maroon nose, maroon propeller tips, black fuselage, maroon rudder, maroon lettering of: Harvard Flying Club on rudder, maroon under wings and maroon ailerons". Dated 1927.

The Skyways staff in front of a Stearman. Left to right: linemen Goldie and George Barry, Teddy Kenyon, Ted Kenyon and Crocker Snow.

Skyways Hanger at East Boston Airport dated May 1929. On March 19, 1928, Crocker Snow, Ted Kenyon and Andy Ivanoff incorporated Skyways to give lessons, carry passengers and sell airplanes. (very faded photograph)

Crocker also loved auto racing.

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Crocker Snow became the first Director of Aeronautics in 1939 for the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission, beginning his career in the creation, oversight and administration of aviation law.
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1. Harvard Flying Club 's Airplane 19271. Harvard Flying Club 's Airplane 1927
2. Crocker Snow 5th On Right 19282. Crocker Snow 5th On Right 1928
3. Skyways Hangar 19293. Skyways Hangar 1929
4.  Crocker Snow Auto Race4. Crocker Snow Auto Race
5. Crocker Snow Director Of Aeronautics Circa 19395. Crocker Snow Director Of Aeronautics Circa 1939
6. Crocker Snow with Massachusetts Map6. Crocker Snow with Massachusetts Map