On March 25, 2017 at Worcester Regional Airport, the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum hosted the 2nd Annual Massachusetts General Aviation Forum where the leaders of the GA Community could share ideas and calendars about upcoming events for the 2017 flying season.

Our featured speaker was Dave Pascoe, founder and owner of Live ATC.  Dave spoke about his passion for training in personal flying and was able to turn his need for hearing Boston air traffic communications into the worldwide communication sharing system that has become LiveATC, both on mobile devices and through the Internet.

Several key individuals from the aviation community attended. Loren Herren flew in from Bridgewater State University to share what the school is doing on the subject.  Groups such as the Massachusetts Airport Managers Association, represented by David Dinneen, AOPA Regional Representative, Sean Collins and Aero Club of New England (ACONE) who sent Cary Webster all presented how their organizations are working to combat the issue of diminishing pilot numbers.

Andy Davis, Airport Manager for Worcester regional Airport, spoke about the work going at ORH and Joe Dini shared some updates about plans for the museum.  John Henry of the New England Flying Gourmet Challenge spoke about how important it is to work together to achieve a unified goal as represented by the great success of the NEFGC.

EAA106 was represented by Barbara Jagla, Jim Engbeg spoke about happenings with the Worcester Pilots Association and Keith Young gave updates from the Fitchburg Pilots Association.