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RC Airplanes FREE Presentation December 7, 2023

Did You Know That Anyone Can Be a Pilot?

Free to the Public

Join Colin Towers

as he presents

Aviation for Kids, 8 yrs. to 80

On Thursday, December 7th

Starting at 6:30pm (doors open at 6:00)

This seminar offers the young and the more mature of us a brief view into the great hobby of flying Remote/Radio Controlled (R/C) Aircraft. To set the scene, the speaker goes over a short history of aviation and the basics of how aircraft actually work. There are static displays of different model aircraft types and a demo on how the R/C pilot controls his/her plane. Particular attention is given to the most up to date technology that makes todays R/C aircraft almost impossible to crash and lets the new R/C pilot enjoy meaningful flights right from the get-go.

Colin will discuss how you can get started in the hobby; how to join a club, the costs involved, the training program and where to buy your first plane. And finally, attendees will be able to experience R/C flying on a Flight Simulator and all attendees will be invited to visit the Discover Flying RC Club field (by appointment and subject to weather) for a free introductory flight of an RC aircraft with a club certified flight instructor.

Colin Towers, has been an R/C plane builder and pilot for over 30 years and is currently a tour guide for the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum.  He is a long time member of the “Discover Flying RC Club” where he is one of the club’s certified flight instructors, an AMA Contest Director and an AMA certified Introductory Pilot Instructor. Prior to his retirement, Colin had a life-long career teaching adults in the high tech industry, culminating in working with network security and mobile network technologies.

Location:  Museum’s Rear Entrance, North Street Parking Lot

Rear of 438 Main St. Hyannis – Museum Will Not Be Open During Event

For more information, contact:  Keith Young – (508) 423-2023 or

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Turtles Fly Too! November 9, 2023

 Did You Know That Some Turtles Actually Fly?

Free to the Public

Join Dave Dinneen

as he presents

 Turtles Fly Too

On Thursday, November 9th at the

Starting at 6:30pm (doors open at 6:00)

Annually, sea turtles migrating south for the winter get caught in the arm of Cape Cod Bay, causing them to be confused and become cold stunned.  This requires rescue and often rehabilitation.  Come hear how the aviation community, along with the Turtles Fly Too organization and the New England Aquarium, assists in getting these denizens of the sea back to a safe and familiar environment.

David V. Dinneen is the Massachusetts Aviation Coordinator for Turtles Fly Too, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting endangered sea turtles as well as Aviation Coordinator for the Cape Cod Ocean Community, a non-profit and community-based organization, who work on facilitating shark surveillance testing projects.

Dave is a Business Development Professional with Gale Associates based in Rockland, MA. Prior to starting at Gale in March 2020, Dave worked at Shoreline Aviation, a Fixed Based Operator as the airport manager. Dave served as Executive Director of Massachusetts Airport Management Association (MAMA) from 2009- 2020, Prior to joining Shoreline, Dave along with his sister, Kelley Dinneen owned and operated KING Aviation Mansfield in Mansfield, MA from 1991- 2015. He was the airport manager and CEO of KING.

Today, Dave sits on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Airport Management Association, Treasurer of the Aero Club of New England and is Chairman of the Waterways Commission for the Town of Scituate.

Dave is an airport management, operations, and development business leader, who passionately advocates and educates the public and decision makers about how general aviation impacts everyday like in the United States.

Location:  Museum’s Rear Entrance, North Street Parking Lot

Rear of 438 Main St. Hyannis – Museum Will Not Be Open During Event

For more information contact:  Keith Young – (508) 423-2023 or

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2023 Raffle Winners!

Thurston Teal airplane – Ticket# 10957-MASM-2673 – Gregory R. – Kentucky

Bose Headset – Ticket# 10360-MASM-2164 – Del M. – Texas

iPad Mini & ForeFlight – Ticket# 10160-MASM-2028 – Richard D. – Massachusetts

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Ribbon Cutting March 17, 2023

Celebrating the new location at 438 Main Street, Hyannis.

(L-R) Kevin Currie, Chairperson,  Joe Dini, Vice-Chair,  Georgia Pappas, President,

Barbara Jagla, Curator,   Keith Young, Interim Executive Director

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