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2020/Dec 2020/Dec

Goddard Exhibit to Welcome 2021

Visit MASM’s new exhibit on Robert H. Goddard, featuring a model of his 1926 rocket.
Dr. Robert Hutchings Goddard (1882-1945) is considered the father of modern rocket propulsion. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Goddard was an American engineer, professor, physicist, and inventor who is credited with creating and building the world’s first liquid-fueled rocket.
On March 16, 1926, Robert Goddard successfully launched the first liquid-fueled rocket in Auburn, Massachusetts. The first of-its-kind rocket reached an altitude of 41 feet, lasted 2 seconds and averaged about 60 miles per hour.
Goddard’s work as both theorist and engineer anticipated many of the developments that were to make spaceflight possible. He has been called the man who ushered in the Space Age.
2020/Oct 2020/Oct

Friends of Flying Santa

Friends of Flying Santa, Inc. was formed in 1997 to help ensure the future of the annual Christmas flights to New England’s USCG units and lighthouses. The aerial visits of Flying Santa to lighthouses and lifesaving stations have been a New England tradition since 1929. Capt. William Wincapaw of Friendship, Maine – an aviation pioneer – began the flights as a gesture of recognition to the dedicated lighthouse keepers and their families as well as the crews of the lifesaving stations. Capt. Wincapaw and his son, Bill, Jr., continued the flights for close to two decades. The father and son team eventually recruited legendary author and historian Edward Rowe Snow to assist them with their expanding list of lights and boat stations. After Capt. Wincapaw’s passing in 1947, the mantle was passed to Mr. Snow, who faithfully carried on the tradition for over four decades. With the help of his wife Anna-Myrle and their daughter, Dolly, the isolated residents of lighthouses throughout North America continued to receive visits from the “aerial St. Nick”.

Check out the Friends of Flying Santa website

2020/Oct 2020/Oct

Thank you Glenn for the New Addition!

Many thanks to MASM Steering Committee member Glenn Block for donating the airline seats!

Glenn and wife Kristin brought them on their visit today.

2020/Sep 2020/Sep

Ribbon Cutting September 18, 2020

September 18, 2020 with the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce.

Ribbon Cutting in the days of Covid 19 are simple events.

Another great ribbon cutting today at the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum located at 790 Iyannough Road in Hyannis! This boutique aviation and aerospace museum and educational facility highlights a regional tradition of aerospace innovation. Check them out at #thinkyarmouth #ribboncutting #museum #capecod

Posted by Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce on Friday, September 18, 2020

2020/Sep 2020/Sep

Pan Am – Across the Pacific NEW PBS Documentary!

Pan Am Historical Foundation announces new PBS Documentary Series

“Across the Pacific “

Check your local PBS station

When Pan Am’s M-130 flying boat “China Clipper” took off for the first scheduled flight to Manila on November 22, 1935, it riveted the attention of people around the world. At that moment Pan Am vaulted to a commanding position and the world changed forever as a result. That’s the story brought to life in “Across the Pacific.” Newly unearthed archival motion pictures, photographs, and original sound recordings as well as stunning graphics, help bring this history back to life. The film by Moreno/Lyons Productions tells the epic story of how Pan American Airways became the first to bridge the mighty Pacific – the first airline to cross any ocean. Focusing in particular on the contributions of Pan Am’s visionary leader Juan Trippe, aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky, and radio engineer Hugo Leuteritz, the three-part program is currently broadcast on PBS.  “Across the Pacific” premiered on VPM PBS in Richmond Virginia May/June 2020

2020/Aug 2020/Aug

Local Jet Blue Pilot Frank Sorz

Frank Sorz, a Boston based Jet Blue Airbus A320/321 pilot, graciously donated a Jet Blue First Officer’s uniform and a Jet Blue Airbus 320 model to the Massachusetts Air and Space Museum.

Barbara Jagla, curator, was on hand to gratefully accept the donation for the beginnings of the Massachusetts commercial aviation exhibit.

Jet Blue is proud to be a member of the Cape and Island community with seasonal flights to Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  They are serious about aircraft and terminal cleanliness and have the middle seat on all aircraft blocked until at least October to provide customers “healthy” space.

2020/Aug 2020/Aug

Board Member Georgia Pappas

Georgia Pappas participated in the selection process for this year’s National Aeronautics Assoc. Collier Award, which will be presented to Boeing Team for the successful development of Boeing X-37B, which is the world’s only autonomous, reusable spaceplane.

The Collier Trophy is awarded annually for the greatest achievement in aeronautics or astronautics in America, with respect to improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of air or space vehicles, the value of which has been thoroughly demonstrated by actual use during the preceding year.”

Press Release

2020/Aug 2020/Aug

Horizons Newsletter Volume 6 Issue 3 2020

2020/Jul 2020/Jul

New Exhibit! Anne Baddour

Anne Bridge Baddour began her aviation career in 1953 at Revere Aviation, Revere, Massachusetts. She further trained at Learjet training school in Connecticut and at Flight Safety, Wichita Kansas. She holds an airline transport pilot license with Sel, Mel, SES ratings and an AAS from Pine Manor College. 

Anne has flown more than 40 different types of aircraft, from helicopters to fixed-wing, prop, turboprop, jets, including an F3D and an F/A 18. She is qualified in 32 different aircraft and has more than 2,700 hours of flight time. 

Anne worked as a research pilot for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory Flight Test Facility, doing airborne research for the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration. She was an early tester of the Global Positioning System (GPS). The aircraft she flew included a DeHavilland Twin Otter, Beechcraft King Air, Twin Cessna 421, Beechcraft Bonanza, Cessna 172, Navajo Chieftan and Beechcraft 1900 Airliner. She was a pilot with MIT Lincoln Laboratory for more than 20 years, and was their first woman pilot.   And more…..Come visit the exhibit!

2020/Jun 2020/Jun

“Know Me” by Nancy Curci

About the Book

Throughout the dozens of interviews in this book with veterans of four wars, veterans who have experienced combat, there seems to be a consistent thread that goes through the veterans’ words about wars, politics, weapons, biases, and human life. The words go, “War does not end war, it begets war,” “Stronger weapons may hinder but do not stop war.” “Individuals, in spite of their gender, color, or culture have become more equal in the military due to their courage, bravery, and proof of equal abilities.”

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